Yesterday my best friend saw the whole reading. She got intrested in having one! I felt more relaxed and acceptans to myself after the reading, i also found a little peace of heaven in the world like i belong more. Again thank you Mila

Anneli Hjerpe

Wow!!!! The relationship reading! I don’t know where to start….Mila gave me and my partner a reading and she pinpointed almost of all our weaknesses and strengths. It was a transformative session for both me and my partner and we left the session with a much clearer idea of what needs to be done. Mila is truly gifted and with a very developed intuition. I wish everybody would get the chance to a reading with her.  

Alexander Norton

I had no idea that Astrology could give so much information about a person. When I came to you I was  in a very stressful situation but your analysis of my situation and what I could gain from this situation gave me some kind of peace of mind and a sense that a higher plan was in action, this gave me a lot of strength to carry on. I’m also amazed at how you could see things I’ve been through in the past!

Keep up the good work! 

Jonathan Garcia

While I was going through a difficult period of transitions in my life I was recommended you from a friend. Your reading gave me a deeper understanding of what was happening to me and the reasons behind. I gained trust that everything was happening for a reason I also understood more of the journey that I had been travelling. It was all part of the purpose. Thank you for inspiration, your knowledge and wisdom. Astrology is truly a powerful tool for self understanding. Thanks Mila

Louise Ekbladh

Dear Mila, your reading is something I still think of time to time. I still go back to it and read the document you wrote sometimes. It left such an impression. It was almost scary how you could read in the stars, things about me and my life circumstances that only my very closest family could know. It also gave me acceptance and peace to find that it's obviously written in the stars and such is life. And also gives me comfort to surrender to the changes that's happening within me this part of my life - changes you already could forsee in the early stages of my personal growth and change. I warmly recommend you. Through my readings, two friends got so interested that they too have gotten readings from you. Thank you so much for your astrology talents miss Mila 

Yasmine Seifi

Sturegatan 12, 114 36 Stockholm Sweden

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